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GIS for Health Services

When it comes to health services, location is inherent in all data: people have residences, assets have proximities, employees have worksites and parcels have both origins and destinations. Over 80% of all data contains a location component. By visualising and exploring the relationships within this data; and using the resulting discoveries to guide decision-making – you are effectively leveraging ‘location intelligence’.
Location intelligence is easily attained through utilising a Geographic Information System (GIS). The technology literally maps the geographic elements contained within an organisation’s data to expose patterns and relationships that may otherwise be hidden in a maze of numeric tables. 
Through GIS, data is translated into a universal language, providing an analytical vantage point that no other tool can. 
From service provision, geomedicine and asset management, to epidemiology, policy making and research, Esri Australia provides health services organisations with the software and GIS technical ingenuity to get more out of their data using the common factor of location.
Discover how location can bring a new perspective to your health data – call us today on 1800 447 111.

GIS technology at the heart of new medical study

GIS technology at the heart of new medical study

Some of Australia's leading cardiologists have enlisted cutting-edge mapping technology in the war against Australia's biggest killer - heart disease.

Mapping a brighter future for the disadvantaged

Mapping a brighter future for the disadvantaged

Advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is enabling Victoria’s Departments of Health and Human Services to more accurately assess and prioritise community service needs.


Geography finds its place at the forefront of healthcare

The history of where you have lived and worked is as vital in healthcare diagnoses as your genetics and lifestyle.

GIS in health white paper

GIS for health enables health care agencies to protect the populations they serve, understand the impacts of the environment on human health, and improve environmental health services delivery.

Geomedicine book

Discover how your environment impacts your personal health in our geomedicine e-book.