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GIS for Utilities

For utility and communication companies, GIS provides a common platform to access business data, manage assets, update network information, integrate work orders, find customer information, and prepare reports. 
GIS allows utilities to enhance network maps and business information with weather intelligence, topography, rights-of-way, satellite imagery, and field data.

GIS-based tools for quantitative analysis and visualisation help to systematically model, measure, and visualise issues with planning and engineering, marketing and sales, and customer care departments.

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A new view of their network

WesternPower1With GIS, Western Power can clearly identify issues such as overloaded grid sectors, areas that require maintenance, or future development opportunities for the network.

Profitable asset management

Energex GIS projectEnergex identified $500M worth of unregistered assets, returning an additional $21M in revenue annually.

Smart Grid report

As the role of a Smart Grid gains prominence, research has shown that more than 70 percent of utilities view Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as strategic to its implementation.

Identifying new customers

South Australia water authority's GIS has increased revenue by identifying customers who are within service areas but not connected.

GIS as a knowledge infrastructure

Utilities will need GIS technology to 'institutionalise' the knowledge of their aging workforce and avoid an information vacuum.