Wide-scale 3D for the smart city revolution

25 Oct 2018 | 12:30pm - 1:00pm | Online

Explore how wide-scale, high-res 3D textured mesh and DSM of Australia’s major cities support planning conversations and improve collaboration amongst stakeholders of major infrastructure projects.

Through demos of Nearmap’s 3D content in ArcGIS Pro, see how current, clear, comprehensive reality models are empowering government agencies, construction and engineering firms, and urban planners to build smart cities with confidence.

Please note the webinar start times:
12:30pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)
11:30am Brisbane | 12:00pm Adelaide | 11:00am Darwin
9:30am Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur | 8:30am Jakarta


  • Showcase Nearmap’s 3D content in ArcGIS Pro
  • Unveil the latest high-res 3D textured mesh and digital surface models
  • Using 3D for a smart approach to city planning
  • Stakeholder collaboration through a realistic city view