New frontiers in disaster management

After a natural disaster, a critical part of emergency response is to determine the extent of damage to infrastructure, property and communities. Understanding that is key to making informed decisions around the restoration of normal and what has to happen in such a complicated, multi-stakeholder environment.

Response and recovery efforts can be drastically slowed down by manual data collection and the reliance on human interpretation of imagery and site visits to assess damage and loss. Take a closer look at ArcGIS deep learning capabilities, watch crisis response simulations and experience new frontiers of disaster management.

Please note the webinar start times:
12:30pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)
12:00pm Adelaide | 11:30am Brisbane | 11:00am Darwin
9:30am Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur | 8:30am Jakarta


  • ArcGIS image management capabilities for large volumes of imagery
  • Creating deep learning training modules
  • Running inferencing tools with the ArcGIS API for Python
  • Determining impact with operations dashboards and gaining ground truth using field apps

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