A technology roadmap for ‘Smarter Government’

Considered one of the most successful managers in US political history, Governor O'Malley is a global authority on ‘entrepreneurial’ leadership and leveraging location-based data and cutting-edge technology to improve transparency and accountability in the public sector.

His bestselling book ‘Smarter Government’ outlines his proven approach to governing in the digital age – characterised by smart communities, real-time information and data-driven strategy.

Governor O’Malley has made a small number of copies of his book available for executives who attended the Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Infrastructure Association of Queensland’s Assembly.

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Smarter government: How to govern for results in the information age

“Governors like Martin O’Malley... have revolutionised performance management systems, showing people precisely how their governments are working for them.”
– President Barack Obama

Explore practical examples of Governor O’Malley’s entrepreneurial approach in action or catch his recent episode of Directions with Stan Grant.

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