Geographic tools for education and administration

Facility management

To gain a comprehensive view of your educational facility and actively monitor assets, you require a single platform that clearly visualises your operational data.

ArcGIS technology allows you to oversee campus activities relating to students, staff and facilities in near real-time.

With improved geographic insight, you can:

  • Better allocate school resources
  • Make smarter planning and construction choices
  • Identify demographic trends and patterns

Strengthen your decision-making process by seeing the complete picture.

Learning tool

By presenting data visually and providing context to the common issues we face, the ArcGIS platform empowers students with a greater understanding of the world around them.

Used in tertiary, secondary and primary schools, this advanced location analytics technology:

  • Increases student engagement and teaches teamwork
  • Encourages developing minds to tackle big concepts
  • Develops skillsets valued by global employers
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Esri Young Scholars Award

Esri Young Scholars Award

An international initiative giving local geospatial students the opportunity to showcase their work at the world’s largest spatial technology event – the Esri User Conference. Learn more on the competition and read about the adventures of 2016 winner, Iurii Shendryk.