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GIS Transforming Business

Across the nation, leading businesses look to Esri Australia for truly transformative Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions. 

GIS technology employs the science of geography to map and analyse a business’s information. 

As market leaders in this space, we use our cutting-edge technology to deliver valuable location-based intelligence to our clients – a process that helps them to see more and do more with their information.

GIS provides a fresh perspective on information and brings to life the often hidden meaning of static data to reveal new opportunities, innovative approaches, and ultimately, business solutions.
Discover how geography is transforming the private sector – read about these GIS business solutions. 
Why engineers must know their place

Why engineers must know their place

The March 2013 edition of Roads magazine puts a focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with a story on how the technology is driving big cost savings for local - and global - engineering firms...read more
Sky's the limit with GIS technology

Sky's the limit with GIS technology

The visionary use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology at Perth Airport is helping the Western Australian gateway maximise the efficiency of its business and improve the experience for its customers...read more
Enterprise GIS unearths golden mining strategy

Enterprise GIS unearths golden mining strategy

Fortescue Metals Group has implemented an organisation-wide GIS solution to drive its $8.4 billion expansion plan. ..read more

Saving millions of dollars

Energex GIS projectEnergex's GIS business solution identified $500M worth of unregistered assets, returning an additional $21M in revenue annually. 

A digital cemetery experience

Centennial Park Cemetery GIS projectCentennial Park Cemetery's online graveyard enables visitors to locate information about a deceased loved one. 

Powering energy distribution

Western Power GIS projectWith GIS, Western Power can clearly identify issues such as overloaded grid sectors, areas that require maintenance, or future development opportunities for the network. 

A benchmark for airport safety

Adelaide Airport GIS projectAdelaide Airport's GIS business solution has taken safety standards to new heights, preventing collisions between planes and birds. 

An international blueprint

Hanson and HeidelbergCement GIS projectAn international roll out of Hanson's GIS business solution is saving global powerhouse HeidelbergCement hundreds of thousands of dollars.