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IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is a geo-enabled business intelligence tool that delivers insight into business data, translating information into the visual format of a map. 

Key features of IBM Cognos include:

Rich basemaps: 

Choose from a rich collection of basemaps to enhance BI data visualisation. Easily overlay multiple basemaps in a single visualisation, for example to enable both street map and satellite imagery views.

Zoom and pan: 

Zoom and pan to whichever area on the map is of interest, directly in the context of an IBM Cognos BI report.

Analyse regions:

Easily link BI data, Esri data, or both to thematically shaded regions on a map, providing instant visualisation of key business measures in a meaningful way. A single map can symbolise multiple business measures, which can be viewed and analysed in the context of standard regions (such as state or postcode) or based on custom regions.

Analyse points:

Easily view and analyse specific points or groups of points on a map, with key measures or attributes of things like sales outlets, customers, or equipment symbolised using any custom graphic or color scheme. 

Map to report object broadcasts:

Use intuitive spatial query tools to update the content of the report. Users can easily use rectangular or radial selections, polygons, and buffered lines to select regions and/or points on the map, and update related report content based on the selection. 

Drill through:

For either relational or OLAP data, easily drill through from higher to lower-level regions. For example, drill into a state view of sales to see sub-regions such as postcodes.

Map Layer Queries:

Easily query data in map services to discover relationships with IBM Cognos BI data. For example, correlate data in IBM Cognos BI report objects with map data like weather events or demographics. 

Ease of Authoring:

IBM Cognos BI report authors use in-place authoring workflow. No coding or custom skills (including GIS skills) are required.

To see how IBM Cognos Business Intelligence can deliver tangible benefits to your business call us on 1800 447 111 or email us today.

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